Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Sunset Lounge is an upscale lounge and date night destination. We politely deny access to anyone underage to keep this upscale, mature vibe; and to avoid any potential issues with underage consumption of alcohol.
We have many standards in place to ensure our restaurant is at the highest cleanliness level throughout the entire day. The only sensible way to thoroughly clean our restaurant after lunch and before dinner (without affecting our guests’ experience) is through this small closing window between shifts. This also allows us time to have our daily in-depth employee meeting where we go over specials & focus points.
A: It is our legal responsibility to safely monitor all guests that come into our establishment, especially when it pertains to the SAFE consumption of alcoholic beverages. To properly follow this standard, we must be the sole provider of alcoholic beverages so we can properly monitor consumption.
A: Reservations would severely limit the number of guests we are able to feed daily. Our “First Come, First Serve” policy gives all our guests an equal chance to dine with us every night. Keep in mind that we do stop serving food at 2:30 pm & 10pm respectively, and on super high demand shifts, we may have to cut off new parties if our quote times exceed our hours of operation. So, no matter the day or the occasion, you can always be guaranteed a spot to dine with us with proper planning!

How To

The Square Grouper opens at 5pm for dinner service, we are first come first serve & do not accept reservations. We open the doors promptly at 5pm and will begin to seat everyone in line directly outside of the doors, in order.

Remember, we cannot seat you until your entire party is present, nor take names for our waitlist until our restaurant is full. This helps us ensure more accurate quote times for our guests. 

Our third-floor restaurant & lounge, The Sunset Lounge (Adults Only, 21+), opens at 4:20 for Happy Hour and Dinner Service. Feel free to enjoy this space as a standalone experience or grab a drink and head back down to join the outside opening line for the first-floor restaurant. 

If planning on enjoying dinner on the first floor, keep in mind that the “To Be Seated” line can be quite long! Always plan on joining in the outside line prior to 4:50pm to ensure that you will be seated during our first rotation. 

The stairwell is not considered a waiting area for 5pm dinner service at The Square Grouper. To ensure your spot in the opening “To Be Seated” line, please take your spot in the outdoor line accordingly. 

We have these rules in place to ensure getting a table is as fair as possible, for all our guests. Thank you for understanding! 

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80460 Overseas Highway | Islamorada, FL 33036

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Owned & Operated by:  Joe Bell and Lynn Bell